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The upcoming week will be the hottest!
Thai-OnlineDate: Monday, 22.04.2019, 20:23 | Message # 1
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The period from 22 to 28 April 2019 will be the hottest for the entire current year! According to long-term observations, it is the last week of April that is distinguished by the highest temperatures.


Meteorologists advise tourists and people whose activities take place in the open air, try to stay in the shade and take special care of health in the hottest week in Thailand.
Extreme heat and sudden thunderstorms with increased winds during bad weather in the northern, northeastern, eastern and central regions of the country - this is the forecast of the Weather Department in Thailand for this week.

In Bangkok and the surrounding provinces, the air temperature reaches + 40 ° С, in the southern provinces of Thailand, according to weather forecasts, there may be isolated thunderstorms.

“The low-pressure system prevailing in upper Thailand causes high temperatures from + 39 ° C to + 44 ° C in the northern, northeastern, eastern and central provinces of Thailand,” a report from the Thai Meteorology Department said.
Weather forecasters predict separate scattered thunderstorms and gusty winds in these areas.
Residents and tourists in these areas are advised to refrain from staying outside in the midday time due to the intense heat. Be careful during thunder storms, avoid large trees and dilapidated buildings, because strong gusts of wind are likely during heavy rains.

Based on thailand-news.ru
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