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"Real Bangkok" guided tour

 Bangkok is a huge city that is larger than metropolitan areas like Rome, Paris or Berlin. The population of Bangkok is well over 10 million people. Such a scale creates one problem, guests in 2-3 days spent in Bangkok have time to see only tourist temple sites and viewing platforms-bars on skyscrapers, but they don’t sees the real life of Thailand capital. In general, there are not enough good guides in Bangkok.

But in Bangkok there is something to see! In the Thai capital, many cultures, nations and religions interact with each other and yet do not lose their identity. Therefore, Bangkok is interesting in that you can see, as it were, many countries without leaving the city. There is an Indian quarter, the world's largest Chinatown, and an Arab quarter. As well as Korean, Japanese, various handicraft districts, slums and even a whole "cursed" island Koh Kret in the middle of Chao Phraya river! You can still list interesting places in Bangkok for a very long time.

"Real Bangkok" tour description

 "Real Bangkok" is a guided tour that has already become a classic for many. It was visited by many famous people from Asia, Europe and Russia - politicians, artists, TV presenters, bloggers. For example, Mr. Leonid Parfyonov (opposition journalist from Russia) praised the "Real Bangkok" guided tour very much. During this day we will walk around the capital of Thailand and see the maximum of what can be covered during excursion time. "Real Bangkok" is an excursion for those guests of the Kingdom of Thailand who are interested in new knowledge, the life of ordinary people, culture and local religions. The journey is very holistic, information is presented at the right time and in the right places, so the guests will have a lot of knowledge left.

"Real Bangkok" tour benefits

 Since "Real Bangkok" is a VIP-class guided tour, other people will never join without your consent. The journey is always carried out individually. If you reserved the tour alone, in pairs or in threes - the "Real Bangkok" tour will take place in such a company. If the guests themselves want to unite with someone, they can agree among themselves. You cannot take more than four guests in a group, because 5 people is already a lot for "Real Bangkok" excursion. To feel the flavor of the Asian metropolis, we overcome many routes on classic tuk-tuks, where 4 guests and a guide can sit down comfortably. In Bangkok's Chinatown there are especially narrow streets where it is uncomfortable to walk in a large group.

 If for example there are 4 adults and one child, they can go on "Real Bangkok" trip. But five adults, no way.

"Real Bangkok" tour timing

 "Real Bangkok" guided tour is carried out mainly for guests of the Kingdom of Thailand, staying in Bangkok. For those who are visiting Pattaya and would like to go on this journey, one-way or two-way transfer can be included. But this is for an additional fee, if necessary.

 We will look at non-tourist places, and the city lives its own rhythm, so some places may be closed, and some are open, and then the tour has to be slightly rebuilt, but the essence of this does not change.

 The journey starts at 8:30 in the morning. And we go to have breakfast at Indian temple (Sikhs), or in the Indian Town if the temple will be closed. We talk about the population of Thailand, about the interaction of peoples among themselves, and about the history of Thailand.

 Next, we visit local flower market. Many have heard about it, but the bottom line is that these flowers are not for birthdays or weddings. Therefore, you will learn a lot about how religions in Thailand are manifested in modern life.

 Chinatown in Bangkok. The largest Chinatown in the world. This is something! It is useless to tell, because you have to see Chinatown itself, underground jewelry workshops, super-narrow streets, monasteries on the roofs of parking lots (40 monks live there), or we will watch the city from other interesting roofs. A cafe that is over 90 years old - a urinal in the corner, cigarette butts on the floor, but nevertheless prime ministers, members of the Royal family, the mayor of Bangkok go there. Walk and stories for 2.5 hours.

 After Bangkok's Chinatown - a car disassembly area, French Town. After that we go to the most beautiful park in Bangkok (this is not Lumpini park). This is not quite an ordinary park and guests of Bangkok City do not know about it, this park will amaze you!

 On the Bangkok "Sky Train" we go to another part of the capital and there we already sit in a boat along the canals. These are not the canals where groups of tourists are taken. These are absolutely non-tourist canals, where people really live in shacks on the canals and there are no tourists there. Because tourists simply do not know this area of Bangkok. We ride the boat for about an hour and at 17:30 we finish the program at the Thai Buddhist monastery, because there is a lot to show and tell. Total 9 hours of a good informative tour, a lot of walking. We will even eat in very interesting places.

 Since we are looking at non-tourist places, sometimes some objects may be open and we can see them as a bonus. There will be a lot of information on history, religion, mentality, about the life of ordinary people, about salaries, about work, about transsexuals and much more.
It seems that "Real Bangkok" guided tour is very physically demanding, but it is not. Even children and seniors can take this trip - since "Real Bangkok" tour is private, we'll just be making more rest stops.

"Real Bangkok" tour features

 On "Real Bangkok" tour we will go to the temples, as well as visit many non-tourist places. In these areas of Bangkok, the people are quite conservative and almost no one walks in short clothes, this can be called an exception. Therefore, we have a dress code for "Real Bangkok" tour.

  1. For women, a long ankle-length skirt, or pants. For men - pants. We will walk in such clothes all day long.
  2. Breeches, pants and shorts that are "just below the knee" are not suitable for the "Real Bangkok" tour. Clothing must be long. T-shirts are available.
  3. Carrying a pareo, a large scarf, a piece of cloth with you, and when you go somewhere to wrap yourself, is also impossible. Because then you have to walk like that all day. If you do not have long clothes at all, you can buy pants and a skirt before the tour. Price from 120 to 220 ฿.
  4. See-through clothing is not allowed.
  5. Deep necklines and bare shoulders are not allowed.
  6. T-shirts with narrow straps are also not allowed.
  7. Tight long dresses, as well as dresses (even long ones) through which everything shines through, are not suitable.
  8. Leggings are also not suitable.
  9. If a small child under 6 years old goes on a trip, then children's clothing can be anything.

"Real Bangkok" excursion - FAQs

The best way to book it using Hot Line: 083-838-3539, or WhatsApp, or Viber by clicking a link. An experienced English-speaking manager will answer you in a few minutes.
Online payment
You can choose payment to Thailand bank as option. We accept payments to KBank, Krungsri, SCB, TTB. Choose the option when you fill reservation form, or specify payment method if book our offers via messengers.
Pay at the office
Yes, you can book tours and travel services in Pattaya and pay in cash at the office. We consult and accept payment at the office of the travel company "Seven Countries" located on Jomtien Road Soi 2 near the branch of Kasikornbank in Jomtien. In this office, managers speak English, Thai, Ukrainian and Russian.
Address for taxi drivers: 144/1 Jomtiensaineung, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150, Thailand

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Departure time
On 21:00-22:00, on the eve of departure, guide will call you at the number specified in the application and tell you the exact time pick up. Or send a message.


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