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Buying, selling and renting real estate in Pattaya, Thailand

This information is specifically for those who want to buy or rent property in Pattaya, or any other part of the Kingdom of Thailand. For many years, our company has been cooperating with the largest real estate agency and exhibition center "Gallery Real Estate", representing dozens of interesting projects offered by the most reliable and well-known developers in Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok. At the exhibition will offer assistance in choosing investment projects, as well as housing for personal use. We did everything very simple! Now there’s no need to study hundreds of advertisements on the Internet and translate some of them from English to Russian, as well as delve into the legislation of the Kingdom of Thailand regarding the acquisition by foreigners of apartments, households and production premises. All incomprehensible moments allowed professionals. Consultants will provide the maximum necessary information, will accompany the transaction of buying property at all stages, as well as provide a guarantee of customer service after the acquisition of housing in the property. For example, they can help to rent housing, arrange repairs, buy furniture, design interiors, or carry out a wider range of your ideas: employment in Thailand, identifying children in kindergartens and schools, insurance, and much more.

Start your dream come true! Moreover, it is free, effortless and does not take much time. Free transfer to the Real Estate Gallery in Pattaya or Phuket, Thailand - can be ordered by telephone hotline: 083-838-3539, WhatsApp eight Viber clicking on the links through online chat or simply filling out the order form on the page.

Definitely, each of us wants to live on the sea, in the land of Eternal Summer! Imagine the apartment of your dreams. You bask in the warm sunshine on the shores of the Gulf of Siam, eat tropical fruits and enjoy life while living in your own apartment. You do not have to think about improving your home, because by purchasing property in Pattaya, you become the owner of a fully equipped and ready-to-live apartment in a residential complex with a pool, gym, sauna and other options.

What makes buying a home in Thailand

  • Apartments and studios can be issued in the property of foreign citizens.
  • Such property is inherited.
  • There is no tax on the lease of real estate.
  • No annual property tax.
  • Settling is possible already at 20% payment.
  • Interest-free installments are provided for new housing.
  • Stable guaranteed income from rental housing.

You do not depend on work and time of year, and you decide where and for what period of time you will fly, since your apartment works for you.

Free tour of Pattaya real estate

If you are going to Pattaya for business or pleasure, it’s not important, and planning your stay, then it’s likely you will set aside one day to familiarize yourself with your future dream apartment and make sure that the dream is real.

Order a free personal tour of popular real estate, and we will find the best solution for you. The company's specialists will drive you to the hotel at a convenient time for you, bring them to the gallery where all the best projects of the city are collected, tell in detail about the complexes and answer any questions. And then they will take the objects directly. And then the choice is yours.

Rental Property in Pattaya

Recently, more and more people in Thailand choose not a package for their holidays, but independent tourism and very often turn to our company for help in organizing the rental of houses, villas or apartments for their vacation for a more or less long term. And in fact, there is something to ponder over and choose from. Now the infrastructure of modern complexes and apartments is represented by all the necessary components of a comfortable and safe stay. Such as round the clock security, swimming pool, gym, shops, restaurants, cable TV, high-speed Internet connection. When people come to us, we offer only the best projects. The most modern, comfortable and stylish apartments, luxurious and extravagant penthouses with breathtaking views of the islands of the Gulf of Siam, compact studios and cozy houses for family living. Here you can guarantee comfortable conditions for recreation surrounded by bright tropical greenery, away from the hectic pace of life and the stress of the modern city. Everyone who turns to us, qualified specialists help to find suitable housing options in all parameters in the part of the city you like.

Life in Thailand is for everyone!

Thailand is an amazing country, in just a few decades it has conquered the hearts of many millions of tourists with its beauty and warm atmosphere of Asian flavor. The beautiful nature, the warm and tender sea, the variety of fruits and gifts of the ocean, the kindness of the locals - all this creates a feeling of "paradise on earth", making you fall in love with this country once and for all!

World Resort Pattaya

In just a few decades, from a small fishing village on the shores of the Gulf of Siam, Pattaya has become a modern, rapidly developing world-class resort, which today is very popular as a place of recreation and life. Here are concentrated all kinds of entertainment needed for vacationers, many beaches, luxury hotels, yachting, a huge selection of various excursions, massage and SPA salons.

Many people know this city as a nightlife, because after dusk an incredible number of cafes, clubs and restaurants opens here. The famous Walking Street can rightly be called the most savory attraction of the city, known to tourists from all over the world and even to those who have never been to Thailand, but would really like to.

But in recent years, Pattaya is increasingly gaining the status of a family-class resort. The city has built many supermarkets and shopping centers with entertainment for adults and children, modern clinics, prestigious international schools and kindergartens, water parks, an aquarium and much more.

Such a truly unique urban infrastructure simply could not get more or less unique housing. All the new and modern projects presented boast magnificent pools in their territories, gyms, club houses, saunas, billiards and various other recreation areas.

Developers are ready to offer the most flexible conditions for their buyers, such as interest-free installment payments, guaranteed rental of apartments, the possibility of settlement and use of housing already with partial payment. There are many types and layouts of apartments on the market: studios, apartments with one and two bedrooms, penthouses, houses and villas. All apartments are fully finished and furnished turnkey, as well as equipped with modern appliances.

Thanks to the condominium law, buying a home is not only easy, but also safe, and foreign investment is protected by Thai law. All studios and apartments are purchased by a foreigner in 100% private property and can be inherited. You can live in your apartment all the time, come to "winter" or just rent it all year round, receiving 8-10% per annum. That is why more than 40 thousands of Russians have bought apartments in the resort city of Pattaya and now receive passive income from their housing on the shores of the Gulf of Siam.

Every year more than 17 of millions of tourists from all over the world come to Pattaya and hundreds of thousands of them decide to buy real estate here and enjoy the real harmony of the city, nature and their home. Here your dream of living by the sea becomes absolutely real. And remember, we do not sell you an apartment, you buy a lifestyle. Consider what most often interests those who want to go to Thailand for a long time or for good.

Kindergartens in Pattaya

In Thailand there are Thai, international and Russian-speaking kindergartens. The main difference from Russian children's institutions is the study of English as the main international language. The cost of one month of stay of the child in the kindergarten varies from 6000 to 8000 baht. Kindergartens, or in a different way a beginer (the first step of the school), is almost at every school. Learning English is effortless for children, in the form of games and communication.

Schools of Thailand

There are Thai-English schools, where 70% of education is in Thai, English-Thai, where 70% is in English, and international and Russian schools. Upon admission to any school, you must pay a fee from 15000 to 20000 baht. The cost of a year of study is approximately 100000 baht, depending on the type of school and the age of the child. To enter the school, you must pass the test in English.

The curriculum in schools in Thailand differs from the curriculum in Russia and is more similar to European standards. There are Russian schools in Bangkok at the Embassy of Russia and in other cities of the Kingdom. They teach children under the Russian program with the passing of the USE at the Russian Embassy in Bangkok. Details about everything can be found directly in your chosen school.

Universities of Thailand

The choice of universities in Thailand is great. In many universities, teaching is in English, only you need to choose a specialty. The cost of higher education in Thailand is cheaper than schooling and ranges from 15000 to 40000 baht per semester, it all depends on the faculty and the university itself.

Visa to Thailand

Visa-free stay of Russian citizens in Thailand 30 days, Ukrainians and citizens of Kazakhstan on arrival will receive a visa for 15 days. On a tourist visa in Thailand, you can stay up to 90 days, having received it in advance in Russia or another country where there is an Thai embassy. You can get a one-year visa and work permit if you get a Thai company. The employer himself draws up such a visa and annually extends it.

If your minor children are studying in Thailand, then on the basis of a child’s annual visa you can get a guardian visa for one of the parents. It is extended without having to leave Thailand.

If you have 50 years, then you can get a pension visa for a period of 1 with an annual extension without leaving the country. But in this case it is necessary to have a bank account for 25000 US dollars or to have approximately the same annual income in your country. Income statement can be obtained at the Russian Embassy in Bangkok.

Another common long-term visa is student’s. You can enroll in English, Thai, Chinese or any other language courses and get a visa with the possibility of renewal for a year without having to leave Thailand.

The Ministry of Tourism of Thailand is interested in attracting financially secure tourists and retirees to the country, and is ready to provide them with the opportunity to become the owner of a long-term visa for 5, 10 or 20 years by purchasing the Thailand Elite card. The cost of these cards starts from 500 thousand baht (including a visa for 5 years). After the expiration of the visa, the next year is issued for 5 with payment of 500 thousand baht, etc. until the expiration of the card.

By the way, you can find out how easy and fast to get a Thai visa of the desired category. THIS section of our site!

Real estate in Thailand

The choice of apartments and houses in Pattaya is rich and diverse. You can invest money and buy an apartment in a condominium under construction with installment payments of up to three years, you can buy an apartment in a finished condo by paying just 20-30% at once, move in and get interest-free installments for a long time. In order to understand and see for yourself all the real estate, you need to contact us and the specialists of the Gallery Real Estate Gallery of Real Estate in Pattaya will work with you.

The exhibition is designed to present the diversity of the real estate market of the city, to acquaint you with the projects and conditions offered by Thai developers.

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